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How Did Calico Begin?

Over 50 years ago an American gentleman by the name of Leonard Wurzel had a chain of candy making stores within supermarkets in the USA. The supermarkets closed down leaving Leonard with leases to pay but no customers. His business was nearly crushed under the pressure of hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt.  


Rather than default on these debts, he started Calico Cottage, a company which has now grown to be the World’s largest provider of fudge making ingredients and equipment.  Leonard paid every dollar back and his company is now run by his sons from a state of the art facility on Long Island New York.


In 1989 Nigel Baker started Calico Cottage in the UK initially importing mixes from the USA but very quickly moving into manufacturing. At a time when UK banks would not support him, Calico in America provided credit, stock and amazing support. Whilst links to our American colleagues remain very strong, 25 years on Calico is an established British manufacturing success story with year on year growth right through the recent recession. Mixes and fudge making machinery are all made in our factory in Cambridgeshire.


Currently three generations of the Baker family are employed at Calico along with 20 other staff from the local area.    Calico prides itself on developing young talent. The senior managers are very much home grown often joining Calico as packing staff only to be trained and developed to do jobs that larger companies could never offer them.


Fudge sells at between 4 and 5 times cost and could be the most profitable item in your store but how do you start? In this site you will find videos showing how to make fudge, tools to forecast your profit potential and some stories from existing customers.


If you want to get more information, call Calico to register for access to exclusive tools that will help you make this programme really work for you. How to locate the fudge and how to display it.

Our password protected customer site has further videos on sales techniques, promotions, recipes and ideas.


We hope that you enjoy our products. They are made with pride to the highest standard possible.