What is the Calico Fudge Retail Programme?

Calico makes machines, known as fudge kettles, right here in our factory in the UK. We supply you with a kettle and a range of four pre-measured mixes to which you simply add butter and water, then leave it to mix through in the machine. This allows you to make three basic fudge flavours; caramel, vanilla and chocolate.

It’s quick, easy, safe, extremely profitable and requires no additional staffing. Tourist attractions, theme parks, markets, events and tourist towns or retailers experiencing a high turnover of footfall would benefit hugely from our Fudge Programme.

Where does it work

Theme Parks, Visitor Attractions, Zoos & Seaside Towns

The huge footfall and constant stream of different visitors makes for a very profitable fudge programme.

Farm Shops & Garden Centres With Pop Up Events

Shops with high visitor numbers, fun attractions and particularly seasonal events can have great success with this programme.

Markets & Fairs Or Christmas Events With Pop-up Stalls

Christmas pop-up events can take thousands of pounds each day! Market traders sell fudge with great profits all year round.

How does it work

Location and display are the most important factors in selling fudge successfully.

If you are decide to go ahead with the programme, we will spend two days training you. One day is spent on making the fudge, one day is spent on selling the fudge. This includes sampling and display. We will likely have discussed the best location for selling fudge prior to training as this is the single most critical aspect in a successful programme.

With our simple and concise plan you can have your fudge ready for customers to purchase quickly and hassle free. We will provide a comprehensive quotation for you once we have an idea of what you need. Start ups consist of a fudge kettle, utensils, ingredients, packaging and enough fudge mix to recoup most of your initial investment.

There are three keys to a truly successful fudge retail programme



Fudge is an impulse sale and the location has a huge impact on sales


Staffing and sampling

Interact with your customers – this can double or triple sales!



Nobody likes an empty display. Keep it full and clean! Sales will follow.

Is making fudge hard

We get asked this a lot and the answer is no! Making fudge is the easiest part. It’s unskilled and safe. You simply add butter and water to our mixes and the kettle does the work. No boiling required. With just a few hours on site training, you will be making beautiful fudge. We make it as easy as possible because if you’re not making money, neither are we!

What if I can’t make fudge

If you really are not in a position to make your own fudge, we do have a pre-made option. The only difference is lower margins. The rest of the training and other keys to success, particularly location still apply and we will still spend the time training with you to make sure it’s a success.

How many sales can you make per day?

The answer to this depends on the location, footfall and type of customer. With this information we can predict your profits or even run a short test.

Some typical sales numbers are as follows:

  • 30 day Christmas Market or event – £45k from roughly 15,000 visitors per day
  • Small Craft Event – £500 to £1500 per day
  • Farm Shops – the numbers vary hugely but £20k per annum is a good guide. Seasonal events help.
  • Tourist Attraction – £60k from 500k visitors per year. We have some that do more!

Why should I sell fudge?

  • Fudge sells at 4-5 times cost!
  • It’s unskilled. From the three basic flavours, you can make literally hundreds of different fudges all of which will sell at between four and five times cost. Along with the kettle and mixes we provide a start-up kit which includes training, equipment, additional ingredients, flavourings and colourings to get you going.
  • You don’t need much space. Look at this programme as profit per square meter, not as simply another food line. The system is compact and you can make a lot of revenue from just 2 meters.
  • This is your fudge sold under your name. We do not sell a franchise.
  • Nobody else can offer fudge with your name on it and so not only does our programme help your profits but it makes you stand out from your competitors!

If you think that fudge could be profitable for you, the first thing to do is to contact us.

A short conversation will enable us to discuss your plans and identify the next step.

Oh and don’t stress about making the fudge. That’s the easy bit!

We only benefit from continuing to sell you our fudge mixes and ingredients. There is no point in setting up a customer who will not buy anything from us so we would not waste your time or take your money if we do not believe this will work. We make no profit on the initial set up of a customer – it is all future sales of ingredients.