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What started back in 1989 as a company with four types of fudge mix and some flavourings is now a one stop shop for anyone wanting to develop a complete confectionery offer. Our fantastic team in Cambridgeshire are always working hard to develop, make and deliver truly unique and visually stunning products to the highest standard we can.  

Make and Sell Your Own Fudge

As the European arm of the largest provider of fudgemaking ingredients and equipment in the world, this is what we're truly known for. With our fudge retail programme, you can make hundreds of flavours of fudge quickly and easily. It's easy, safe, unskilled not a franchise and sells at 4-5 times cost. Not only can we set you up with a fudgemaking attraction to set you apart from your competition, we can also supply a range of finished fudges in slabs and bars. We have a large range of the traditional crumbly fudge available too but fudge is not the only thing we do nowadays!

Hand-packed Confectionery

With over 100 varieties of traditional and less traditional sweets in stock, we can create a vast array of unique packaged products to fit with your brand or event at any price points that you desire. Runs of just a few hundred items upwards can be made or alternatively we will work with you to create complete collections of products to generate high average spends and high profits from a range which is unique to you.

Handmade Chocolate

That's the fudge and sweets covered but we weren't happy to stop there! No confectionery range would be complete without a chocolate offer. Having started to make slabbed chocolate over 20 years ago as a hard up struggling young enterprise, we revisited the idea again recently and launched our own range of visually stunning chocolate with incredible flavours. Under our sibling brand The Cambridge Confectionery Company , our chocolate range has grown dramatically and is now sold from Australia to Canada not to mention in the UK too.


Whatever your confectionery requirement, we can help and would be delighted to work with you to maximize your confectionery profits.


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