Find out how the Calico Fudge Retail Programme works

Make exceptional profits from Calico’s Fudge Programme!

We’ve been providing a hugely profitable in-store fudgemaking system for over 50 years worldwide and 30 years in Europe. Made in our own factory in Cambridgeshire, we supply fudge machines (called kettles), fudge mix, ingredients, packaging and comprehensive training that enables you to make and sell fudge at five times cost using existing staff.

Nothing else in the gift or confectionery market makes comparable profits per square metre. Also, in the right location, it’s important to mention that these are additional sales, they don’t take away from other sales. Aside from the profitability, fudge made with our programme enables you to stand out from your competitors, use local ingredients and make an offer that is unique to your store.

Where does this programme work?

Nobody buys fudge every day but if you have high footfall and a steady stream of different visitors, fudge making will work for you.