How can fudge benefit your business?

Calico makes our fudge kettles in our factory in the UK. We supply you with a range of four pre-measured mixes to which you simply add butter and water and leave it to warm through in the kettle to make four basic fudges in caramel, vanilla, chocolate or intense chocolate flavours.   All of the basic fudges are free from artificial flavourings and preservatives.


From these four fudges, you can make literally hundreds of different fudges all of which will sell at between four and five times cost.


Nobody else can offer fudge with your name on it and so not only does our programme help your profits but it makes you stand out from your competitors!


See how our programme could work for you using this profit calculator!


This is your fudge sold under your name. We do not sell a franchise

Calico does not operate a franchised business. Indeed, compared to many franchise businesses on the market which have similar earning capacity, there are many notable differences.


  • Calico provides support in the design of new sites.
  • There are no franchise fees or royalties.
  • Calico does not profit from the initial sale of equipment.
  • Calico’s income relies almost entirely on fudge mix. We have to help you sell fudge!

Add on opportunities

The best way to make our programme work is to add it to a counter that is already staffed  in a location that you customers will visit .  A till area or existing serve over counter is ideal for this.

In this way our programme can provide your business with extra revenue with minimal outlay. It’s flexible enough to meet your needs and can be customised to meet any budget.


Most prospective clients are concerned that they will need extra staff. Unless you are exceptionally busy this is rarely necessary.  Where possible, we try to avoid stand-alone fudge counters.


It’s easy!

With our simple and concise plan you can have your fudge ready for customers to purchase quickly and hassle free.


Potential sites worry about whether they can actually make fudge. Not only is fudge easy to make, it is very safe. The mixes are simply warmed through in our kettle and can left to mix for hours without ruining the fudge.  Clean up is easy too, just fill the kettle with water and leave it to mix for 20 minutes.


The key to successful fudge selling is where you locate the counter, what it looks like and how you staff it.



Fudge typically sells at 4 to 5 times cost. If our programme is implemented correctly it makes excellent profits.  The critical factors which influence the success of the Calico programme fall into 2 categories:


Location– even if you have high visitor numbers, the precise location and orientation of the counter can impact considerably on sales.



Staff – sampling and customer interaction makes a huge difference to sales.


How can we help you to get started?

If you think that fudge could be profitable for you, the first thing to do is to call us.  A short conversation will enable us to discuss your plans and identify the next step. Sometimes this is a site visit, sometimes it is to take a look at some photos or plans.


We will always tell you if we know that our programme is not right for you. We only profit from selling you our fudge mixes, there is no point in us setting up a customer who will not buy anything from us!


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