What is The Cambridge Confectionery Company?

Anyone who knows Calico Cottage will be familiar primarily with our fudge and also know that we are not a franchise - this means our brand has never really been something we promote unless it’s for microwave fudge mix on QVC!

In recent times we have launched a lot of new product lines, namely our Handmade Chocolate Collection and a vast range of hand-packed confectionery. We wanted to launch a brand which was fun, exciting and all-encompassing that could truly represent these new product lines - hence Calico’s younger sibling, The Cambridge Confectionery Company, was born.




From today the 27th March 2018, Calico Cottage will become the first in the industry to offer all business customers the option of stocking its impulse bags of sweets in compostable, transparent packaging which breaks down and disappears in soil, under the brand of The Cambridge Confectionery Company.

Regular biodegradable bags can take decades to degrade and millions are sold every year in the UK alone, according to Calico Cottage. This is no longer acceptable. You can watch a video of the new bags composting before your eyes here.


Managing director Nigel Baker said: “The move away from single use plastic is an issue that we started to address internally at Calico Cottage in 2017. We are hugely passionate about this and have been working long hours to come up with a solution using a range of technologies and I am proud that we have brought it to market so quickly.


“Along with our packaging supplier and some key customers, we have developed a compostable bag combined with compostable labels and adhesives. We decided to take this step pro-actively, with a significant investment rather than wait for our customers to ask for it.” 


We are delighted to have the launch partners listed below joining us for our National Launch this week.


  • Blue Diamond Garden Centres
  • Center Parcs;
  • Chester Zoo;
  •  Dudley Zoological Gardens
  • The British Museum;
  • Twycross Zoo;
  • Rhug Estate
  • Royal Botanical Garden Edinburgh
  • ZSL London Zoo;
  • ZSL Whipsnade Zoo; 

Want to be involved? Head over to The Cambs Confectionery Co. website for more info!


Where Can You Find Us?

Currently the range is offered through a number of retail partners; Tourist Attractions, Garden Centres and High Street Stores. Details on our online store to come soon.


Wholesale Information:

Please get in touch for products, prices, case sizes, MOQ’s.


01353 741661




You can read a little more about this all came about below:

In 2012 Calico Cottage branched out from just fudge to re-pack and bespoke label confectionery for the impulse and seasonal markets.

These impulse lines of confectionery were all developed and themed to suit the customer and their market. Once complete with bespoke displays and POS we were able to offer quite  a unique service. For customers who do not require a bespoke range, we are able to use The Cambridge Confectionery Company branding.


Having provided a wide range of tourist attractions and garden centres with their own labelled range of sweets for five years, it became clear that there was a need to shake up the chocolate market and move away from mass produced chocolates to develop something truly handmade, visually stunning, using premium quality Belgian couvertures but still offering good value. Whilst we offer bespoke chocolate services for larger accounts, this chocolate needed a brand which suited it’s aesthetic. In 2017, we launched our new range chocolates made by our team of dedicated chocolatiers under the Cambridge Confectionery brand.