Calico Cottage

Get the most out of your fudge!

Fudge is such a versatile product. Sweets, chopped up chocolate bars, biscuit pieces, dried fruit or nuts make a great addition to any one of our three basic fudge flavours - chocolate, caramel and vanilla. Experiment by adding your favourite bits and bobs; just fold them in at the end before pouring into a tray, scatter a few extras on top for decoration and leave to set! If you want to add any alcohol, just reduce the water content in the fudge by however many teaspoons of liqueur you add! (This is not compulsory but the fudge will be softer the more water/liqueur content there is).


Here's a few of our own fudge & truffles recipes you can try: All need to be made in conjunction with our instruction booklet.